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The subtlety of the touch when shaping the ceramics requires sensitivity and creativity combined with the quality of the raw material. The essence printed on each piece can make the artifact the key piece in the décor of an environment. With perfection and beauty, the pieces produced by Zanatta Casa follow this pattern. Specializing in products made from white decorative ceramics, the company has international know-how, acting since 2005 in the national market, in Quintana, in the interior of São Paulo.

The Zanatta House was born in the union of two sisters by necessity, in 2005 Regiane left the profession of dentistry to join the sister artist Lucinéia to do a re-reading of the art of ceramics, every process of the company is 100% handmade, today the company has about 50 direct employees, creating arts to decorate and fill homes with joy.

With a differentiated work inspired by the Brazilian fauna and flora, the company produces pieces for clients who seek exclusivity, creativity and good taste. The fact that it prizes for the quality of its creations made Zanatta the main supplier to the country's renowned decoration stores.